Self-Serve Advertising at

Gunaxin is now offering Self-Serve advertising via By visiting our profile, advertisers can see our various segmented sites, and the advertising options (and prices) that are available on those sites. From there, they can actually place an order for advertising, with the following simple steps :

  1. Select Site
  2. Select Zone
  3. Select Dates
  4. Select Impressions
  5. Set Target URL
  6. Upload Creative
  7. Pay

Once an order is placed, we’ll be prompted to approve it, and then it can go live on the site right away. This is a very exciting development for any publisher, allowing them to offer self-serve advertising in a simple manner. Hopefully some advertisers will find it just as exciting.

This is all made possible by the folks at I was recently made aware of this service by Jerod Morris over at Midwest Sports Fans. Your site must be approved before you can utilize the service, but from there its relatively simple to get started.

Like any new service online, there are some things I love about iSocket, and some things that I’d like to see changed. I’ll have a full review of the site coming in the next few weeks, once I’ve had a chance to give it a more thorough test-drive.