Former Sports Editor on House of Punte

Bryan Douglass (Twitter / Tumblr) did a great job for a few months as our Associate Editor for Sports, but then he quit. He actually has an exciting new opportunity coming in front of him, and it was apparently good enough to get him to step down from his role with our site. However, before he did, he was a guest on Josh Zerkle’s House of Punte Podcast. The episode was recorded back in the beginning of March, but was buried on Josh’s harddrive for awhile, until now.

So when I finally got a chance to listen to it today, I found it a bit weird to hear other people discussing myself and my site. After butchering my last name (no worries), Josh and his panelists then spent a few minutes debating how to pronounce the site name. As they said, I don’t really care how your pronounce it, it was a few minutes of free publicity. For the record though, I’ve always pronounced it “Gun – ox -in.” But as long as you’re talking about us, I’m happy. Thanks to Josh for having Bryan on the show, and thanks to Bryan for representing.

Listen Now: