About the Blog

“All of the things that go into running the site, that many writers would prefer to just avoid, that’s the stuff that makes me happy: Servers, Software, Graphics, Advertising, Marketing, Promotion, Networking, Learning, and Leading. That is where my experience, talent, and passion really lies. So I’ve started this blog, to give myself a place to share that passion, with whoever wants to read it. I tend to be a very open and honest person, so I plan on sharing some things here that most other websites would never share. I don’t believe in secrets. I believe in sharing my experience and my knowledge, what has worked for me, and what hasn’t worked for me. I believe that everything that I give is returned to me many times over, so I hope to make this blog a gift to whoever reads it.”

About the Author

“It was then that Gunaxin was formed as a side project. I continued working my day job for a very unhappy and frustrating two years, longing for the day that I would have the balls to quit, and make a go at this. That day came last fall, when I decided to go into business for myself, and cut my pay by 2/3. I don’t really know where this is going to lead me, but I believe in myself, and at 32, I think its time that I take my experience and make a go of it. If you’re reading this blog, then I guess you’ll be taking this journey with me.”

About the Site

“That is when we came up with the Six Categories of content, Sports, Girls, Humor, Media, Gadgets (originally Gear), and Beer (ultimately changed to Grub 1.5 years later). Once we had the concept for the site decided upon, it came time to name it. I strongly fought for Gunaxin, mainly because it had personal meaning for myself, but also because it was a unique name that actually meant something relevant to the site.”